Duct Cleaning

Is Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Usually, Duct Cleaning refers to the cleaning of different heating and cooling components including the return and supply vents and the ductwork. While most people do care about the cleaning of their heating and cooling units, a vast majority overlooks the importance of Ductwork Cleaning primarily because a lot has been said about how unimportant Ductwork Cleaning is. The truth is, the Ductwork is a passageway that circulates the air throughout the home and when it does so, it takes all the contaminants along with it. Although a majority of the pollutants get trapped at the return and supply vents, a lot get stuck within the walls of the Ductwork. Every time the air circulates, it takes some of the contaminants along and if not trapped in the filters, get trapped by your lungs. In addition to that, Ducts that are filled with dust and debris require the system to insert more effort to circulate the air which of course takes more energy too. Cleaner Ducts not only help supply cleaner air, they also reduce the load on the system that otherwise is when they are filled with piles of dust and debris.

Protect Yourself From Mould/Spores/Insects - Clean Duct Today

Apart from the dust and debris, your ductwork can be home to the unwanted creatures like mites, mould and other bacteria. Even if they don’t come out of the system, their presence causes a fishy odour throughout the home which causes extreme discomfort. Cleaning of Ducts remove all such pollutants that are either a cause of discomfort for you or a source of possible damage to your system.

If you’ve never tried Duct Cleaning, try it now and notice the difference in your system’s efficiency and the freshness in the air that is felt after that.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services

You can clean your Ducts yourself, we don’t mind that. But there’s something that we have to offer; A professional service with professional tech to perform Duct Cleaning professionally. We clean the ductwork, heating and cooling components, registers, return and supply vents and all that is related to your HVAC heating and cooling system. You can choose our services as per your requirements since we won’t mind customising it for you. And now, here’s a quick to-do for you:
Take a search light
Go to your return vent
Unscrew the register
Using the light, peak in and check the level of dust in the duct

Surprised? You never knew your duct would be that dirty. But now that you know, it’s time for cleaning. If you’re a neophyte to perform the cleaning, we are here to help. Call us for regular as well as customized Duct Cleaning Services.

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