Indoor Air Purification Systems

Ever thought how many germs are presents in the air that you breathe every day? More than millions! Some even say that due to excessive air pollution, it is now totally impossible to create a pure environment. But there are yet possibilities to reduce the quantity of pollutant you breathe at least in the indoor environment. Air Filtration Units are of great help in this regard.


Air Purifiers are of different types and use different technologies. Usually, an air purifier uses HEPA filter to filter the polluted air. A fan is used that sucks the air into the unit and after filtering it let the cleaner air exit through the other side. Interestingly, up to 98% of the air pollutants can be removed from the air using high-efficiency HEPA filters.


At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we carry high-efficiency Air Cleaners of Lennox and Honeywell. Our products include:

Honeywell F300 Air Cleaner
Honeywell TrueClean Air Cleaner
Lennox Healthy Climate 10
Lennox Healthy Climate 16

These Air Purifiers are whole home Humidifiers that can be installed in the duct work or independently. Not only are they efficient at trapping dust particles but also successfully trap spores, mold and other bacteria’s. In addition, they do not emit ozone and are compatible with all HVAC systems. No additional connections or power is required.


Different homes have different needs and so do different people. Air Cleaners are suitable for everyone since they clean the air and make it better and fresher to breathe but they are particularly beneficial for those who suffer from asthma, allergies or other breathing problems. If you are looking for a solution to combat the air pollutants or are suffering from some breathing illnesses, let the Air Cleaner do the work for you. It’s time to start breathing fresh and healthy. Purchase one of the Air Cleaner unit from us, let us install it for you and you’re ready to enjoy cleaner than clean fresh air, risking your health less and increasing yours and your family’s comfort more. 

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