Heating Service & Maintenance

Heat pumps are a year–round heating and cooling system. In order to make sure that your home will remain comfortable all year, while also remaining energy efficient.  Then heat pump is best choice for your Toronto GTA home.  Whenever you require a reliable heat pump installation or replacement service in Toronto GTA Area, Cosmopolitan Mechanical will come up with a solution. We are certified heat pump service experts, and they deal very professional from installation to replacement. The heat pumps are very cost–effective and efficient solution for your home heating needs. Heat pumps can be used for cooling as well.

Cosmopolitan Mechanical is dedicated to your absolute comfort, we will make sure that you have exactly what you require. We have variety of high quality heat pumps that are built to last by leading manufacturers in the HVAC industry

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services has technicians that are highly skilled and have years of experience in HVAC industry. They will make sure your home is comfortable year round.

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services wants to make sure your heat pump keeps working well for many years to come. That’s why we provide comprehensive maintenance for your heat pump. A regular maintenance on your heat pump is the recommended way to prevent loss of energy efficiency, loosing working effectiveness, making sure there won’t be any emergency repairs while it’s only a small investment every year, annual tune up & servicing for your heat pump will save you a significant amount in the long term. So regular tune up is a very important part of keeping your heat pump running smoothly

In case your heat pump does break down, we can help you get it back to work rapidly. It doesn’t matter whether we had installed your unit or not, our certified technicians are equipped to carry out quick and thorough repairs on all types of heat pumps. Annual service tune up will diminish wear and tear on your heat pump and ensure it remains efficient and running at optimal performance levels its entire lifespan.


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