Tankless Water Heaters

Now that the summer away and the cold gradually sets in our lives, the hot water becomes one of those things you can not miss at home .Except those who have central heating and boiler is also responsible for heating the water, the rest need to think about what type of water heater best for them, a boiler or a gas heater .A water heater without tank is a viable option to consider when adding a second heater of water or replace an outdated model. Heaters water without tank hot water in demand. They occupy much less space than traditional models of hot water heater. These water heaters, less energy and may provide additional cost savings depending on the needs of use. Tankless water heater heats the water when it needed so it often called as instant water heaters. Its operation is also simple; water passes through a coil above about fires that light up when you open the hot water tap. Among its advantages is that it is instantaneous and therefore the amount of hot water we can use is unlimited. Also the gas is cheaper than electricity.


Proper installation is critical to water heaters, much more than standard tank type water heaters. Even years later if the heater is broken could be due to improper installation and this can greatly reduce the life of a water heater without tank. Majority of the problems with tankless water heaters is to be by improper installation. Plumbing is most versed in tankless water heaters modern, especially any particular brand troubleshooting. Because the installation is very important that you should have a professional install your tankless heater and brand specialist you’re having installed would a plus. At Cosmopolitan Mechanical we carry top ranked tankless water heater brand with affordable product pricing and installation packages. We also offer maintenance and repair service of most commonly used tankless water heater by the homeowners of GTA.