Ductless Air Conditioners

There were once fans to provide cooling in Summers and then there came room coolers. This advancement further grew and there came the Central Air Conditioners. But man, when he’s in the state of progress is hard to stop. So in order to escalate the home comfort, he came up with the idea of Ductless Air Conditioners that needed least effort in installation, least in maintenance and least in repair and relocation. Today, the market is full of Ductless Air Conditioners of different makes and models that promise to provide a home comfort experience tantalizing enough to make you forget any other outdoor joy.

Hey! Enough with this Ductless AC intro, you already knew a whole lot of it but there’s something you have to let us know. And that is, are you a Ductless AC user? Or are you planning to purchase one? Whatever the case is; let us tell you what long term and short term fruits do Ductless Air Conditioners bear.


Did you purchase a home which is built on an old model and does not have a ductwork installed? Well, there’s no need to panic. Despite that the home doesn’t have a ductwork and you can’t afford to install one either, there’s something that can still be done to make your home super cool i.e A Ductless Mini Split can do the job for you. Not only are the Ductless AC’s easy to install since they need no duct installation, they are also energy efficient. Up to 30% of energy can be saved using the Ductless system. There are yet other benefits that this system offers and one of the coolest is that the Mini Splits can be used for cooling as well as for heating. By connecting the indoor unit to a heat pump and making essential settings, the system can be used in Summers and Winters alike. And wait, there’s more:

If you’re changing your home, or want a unit replacement, just unscrew the units and you’re ready to go. Isn’t that cool?


At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we carry high efficiency Air Conditioners of renowned brands that include Lennox, Amana, York, Carrier, Mitsubishi, LG and others. The products that we carry have high SEER value that help save energy and also support quiet operation that does not disrupt your comfort when you’re enjoying the cooling. With all the amazing features, the rates are affordable to suit your budget.

Before you leave, here’s a good news:
We offer FREE standard Air Conditioner Installation on the purchase of Air Conditioner from us. So make no delay, choose your favorite brand from the ones given below:

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