Humidification Systems

Did you know that the essential level of Humidity is 40-50% and this level if not maintained can cause breathing problems, irritation and sometimes suffocation as well? In order to maintain this level, Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers are used. While Humidifiers add moisture to the environment, the Dehumidifiers reduce the excessive moisture from the air. On average, a homeowner spends more than 80% of his lifetime in the indoors, it is, therefore, important to maintain a comfortable indoor environment and comfort does not come with a disrupted moisture level. In Winters particularly, the moisture level drops that then causes itchiness, irritation, breathing problem and other issues. A Humidifier installed with the home’s HVAC system can help rid these problems. 


We carry high-efficiency whole home humidifiers of Lennox, Honeywell, York, Carrier and GeneralAire. Our Humidifier products are not only affordable in price but are also durable in efficiency and reliable in quality. Here’s what makes our Humidifiers exclusive:

  1. For most of the models that we carry, constant refilling or cleaning is not required.
  2. With high-efficiency humidification feature, these Humidifiers are a good combatant to skin irritation, static electricity, sore throat and other respiratory issues that are due to insufficient Humidification.
  3. These Humidifiers offer automatic controls that help keep the level of Humidity as required.
  4. In addition to providing a desired level of moisture, these high-quality Humidifiers help save the wooden furniture, wallpapers and other interiors from cracking (due to dryness).
  5. Independent installation, as well as installation with the ductwork, is possible that provides whole home humidification.
  6. Downflow, upflow and horizontal configurations settings are supported with majority Humidifier products that we carry.
  7. Almost all the Humidifiers that we carry come with at least 5 years of warranty and with up to 10 years of part limited warranty


Are you looking for purchasing a Humidifier but are confused what to choose? Check out our E-Store below or connect with us for a one-to-one consultation. We have a wide range of Humidifiers of all makes and models and moreover, we not only sell in fact we sell what’s best for our customers. Happy Humidification!

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