AC Service & Maintenance

If you aren’t taking good care of your Central Air Conditioner unit or have missed the Spring checkup, there are chances that your unit will not be functioning as efficiently as it should. Which means, not only that you’ll miss a great deal of comfort but will also have to pay higher energy bills. The dusty fins, the clogged blower fan, the low coolant level and many other parts that require cleaning and tuning up, if used without proper maintenance can cause serious consequences. So it is recommended to not put at risk the highly expensive appliances and do a proper maintenance at least yourself if calling a pro is not in your preference list.


While there are many that prefer DIY maintenance, there are others that seek out professional help in order to maintain their appliances particularly the complex appliances like the Central Air Conditioner. And a pro’s maintenance is no doubt different as well as better than a homeowner’s own maintenance. In order to help homeowners save time, energy as well as avoid putting their expensive appliance at risk, we offer Central Air Conditioner maintenance services for the entire Toronto and for several other GTA areas. Our maintenance service includes:

Cleaning of the outdoor condenser 
Cleaning of the fins and blower assembly 
Checking the coolant level 
Checking the unit for any damage or gas leaks  
Taking a test run to check units efficiency 

In addition to the unit’s cleaning, our maintenance service can also be taken with an additional Duct Cleaning services on discounted charges. To enjoy a pro maintenance, request a FREE quote anytime at 1-855-245-4328


Spending $500 on repairs vs spending $200 on annual maintenance, which one sounds more convincing? Well, those that understand the fact the maintenance is always cheaper than repair choose maintenance services over repair services. When an appliance is maintained well there are much fewer chances of it to see repair visits or breakdowns. It is for this reason that we urge homeowners to go for Preventive Maintenance Programs. With Preventive Maintenance Program, not only the appliance is kept in a good condition but any possible repair needs are suspected well in time which again, saves!Subscribe to our Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance program today or call us at 1-855-245-4328 for more details.