If you didn’t know this before here’s this piece of information for you; A product of no matter how renowned a brand or how expensive a price fails to last longer if it is installed improperly. Yes, you heard it right. We see homeowners choosing DIY installations in order to save some hundred dollars but guess what? The same (or more) amount that is saved is later spent on repairs while repairs can turn out to be super costly at times. So why not choose a professional installation and not try unprofessional installations once after purchasing such costly equipment like the Furnace?
And here’s another point; Furnaces need care in order to keep them least risky. Since they utilise gas, leaking of which can be an alarming situation and can give way to unhappy accidents, it needs to be made sure that no loopholes are left when the installation is made. Spending a few hundred dollars on professional installation is much better than putting yours and your family’s life at risk. Play safe!


If you’re wondering that there are hundreds of HVAC service providers, why do you have to choose us, here’s the answer:

  1. We are serving in Toronto for over a decade and have satisfied several hundred homeowners that say a lot about our services.
  2. We have NATE and TSSA certified staff who knows every minute detail of Furnaces and Furnace Installation.
  3. We have been rated an A+ rated business by the Better Business Bureau
  4. We sell and install Furnaces at affordable rates
  5. We offer FREE standard installation


We at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. offer FREE Furnace Installation (standard) if the purchase is made from us. The standard Installation refers to the Installation of Furnace on existing wiring, ducting/venting. (For any type of electrical renovations, duct/vents installations charges are applicable).
Please note that we offer Ductwork installation and Duct Cleaning services too. In case, you wish to install a new duct system before installing a new Furnace or wish to clean the duct system to improve Furnace efficiency, we are available to serve for that too.    

Looking for a Furnace purchase? Want to have your Furnace installed professionally?

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