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A professional installation of an appliance is as crucial for its life as proper maintenance and in time repair. Keep this thing in mind that everything that gets used, needs maintenance but there’s no possibility of anything lasting for long if it was not initially installed the right way. Imagine a cranky technician or yourself leaving loopholes during the installation that cause gas leaks, rust, insufficient exhaustion etc, where would the appliance be standing after only a few months? Ever heard of some homeowner whose AC broke down within a few weeks after installation? More than 90% of the times, it is the improper installation that leads to such consequences. In order to save you from such a hodgepodge, we recommend you seek a professional’s help every time an Installation is required for appliances that require technical support. 

Longevity of a Central Air Conditioner depends to a great extent on the accuracy of installation but there’s more to the story. Did you know that unprofessional installation of appliances, mainly the Furnaces & Air Conditioners voids the warranty? So there are no chances for you to go back to the company after having your appliance broken down if you had chosen a unprofessional installation over a professional installation. Go for a pro!


Finding somebody else to do the service isn’t enough. You ought to make sure that the somebody you choose is capable of doing what you’re hiring him for. In order to avoid any regrets later, choose professional services that offer certified technicians. These services might charge a few dollars up but will certainly be proving with exceptional and professional services. 
At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we offer Central Air Conditioner Installation services that are performed by NATE and TSSA certified staff. In addition to the Installation service, we also offer Central Air Conditioner Maintenance services and Central Air Conditioner Repair services.   

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Cooling systems of ten years or more older has absolutely no comparison of modern age cooling systems. While hoping a whole new level of comfort, benefits & savings on energy for your home when it comes to decide for new products, Cosmopolitan Mechanical offers advanced cooling systems with exceptional characteristics of energy tracking, alerts for filter and maintenance needs, & flexible speed technology. We do sale, service, install extensive range of top brands and models.

Cosmopolitan Mechanical offers free estimates on installation or system replacement. We have NATE certified technicians to work with your needs & take the time to deal with your demands, requirements, and prospects for your home comfort. Using top quality products, deliberation & accurate sizing well will comprehensively address your short term and long term objectives for efficiency, comfort and performance.  A fitted installation will make sure that your new cooling system will perform at peak volume, defy collapse & will last longer.
For Air Conditioning Installation & replacement call Cosmopolitan Mechanical Inc. & start saving!


The Air Conditioner Includes standard installation for existing wiring/ducting/lineset. Electrical renovations or permits extra if required.


After purchasing a product that is both of high quality and high prices, the wisest decision a homeowner can make is of proper installation. It is crucial to leave no loopholes while making the Installation since a faulty and improper Installation not only affects system’s efficiency but also become the reason of serious damages. We highly recommend a professional installation. At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we even offer FREE standard installation (conditions apply) to make the process easy for homeowners. Bu if one is insistent to perform a DIY installation, it is suggested to read the user manuals carefully, watch installation tutorial and then begin. Consider these tips while making the installation.



Choose proper location for your indoor as well as outdoor unit. For outdoor unit, choose a shady place while for the indoor unit, mount the unit at a reachable height without disrupting home decor around it.


Although the Installation of Ductless is easy compared with the Duct Air Conditioners, there are yet some technicalities involved. When making the electrical connections, carefully read the manual as to not connect the wrong wirings else the unit will have to be repaired before even starting to operate.


It is great that you’ve got all the different tools in your box but when it comes to installation, make it using the relevant equipment only. The user guides give a detailed information on the installation and the installation equipment to be used. Since you chose DIY over a professional installation, at least follow the guide now.


Be safe! Shut off all power supplies and keep the working area totally dry. Also, do not let any water build up around the indoor or outdoor unit.

We told you why a Professional Installation is always a good choice but then we also told you some cautions to consider while doing a DIY installation. Now before you finalise self Installation, know that non professional installation voids product’s warranty. So if you’re doing a DIY Installation, know that it will be on the cost of losing the warranty which is surely what you do not want.


Here’s a wise to choose alternative. Our exclusively professional services that include Air Conditioner Installation both standard and customized installation. Within affordable rates, with latest tools and tactics and most importantly, reliable! Who offers that all in one?
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Heat pump works like conventional air compressor systems with indoor & outdoor units. Heat pumps function like refrigerators. They absorb heat by running liquid through the unit and then releases warm air your home. They heat the house in fall and cool the house in summer. Installing a new heat pump can seriously reduce the amount you pay for your home heating & cooling. Reason why is that, because heat pump take place of both your furnace & air conditioner unit. You may find it more costly to install it as compared to a traditional heating & cooling systems, but ultimately it will bring remarkable savings on your energy bill.

The size of your house is the main factor to determine the size of your heat pump system. Which will be calculated on base of your home space square feet. Certainly heat pump will be installed of small size if you have a small home, but if you have a big house then to deal that space you will have to install a bigger size heat pump. Installing a small pump for a big house just to cut the expense cannot be recommended, because that saving will be nullify because of inefficiency of small size heat pump & higher operating costs to generate the same amount of energy.

Cosmopolitan Mechanical will help you determine the capacity of your heat pump, but first we must be aware of your indoor comfort objectives. In GTA Ontario, a heat pump capacity is determined solely by its air conditioning capacity. Maintaining the indoor temperature of 75 degrees while outdoor temperature is 100 degree is the industry standard to calculate the size of your heat pump. Although this varies home-to-home regarding each home’s particular preferences. Heat pumps are available of 1.5 to 5 ton with the capability of removing 18,000 BTUs per hour to 60,000 BTUs per hour respectively.


If you didn’t know this before here’s this piece of information for you; A product of no matter how renowned a brand or how expensive a price fails to last longer if it is installed improperly. Yes, you heard it right. We see homeowners choosing DIY installations in order to save some hundred dollars but guess what? The same (or more) amount that is saved is later spent on repairs while repairs can turn out to be super costly at times. So why not choose a professional installation and not try unprofessional installations once after purchasing such costly equipment like the Furnace?
And here’s another point; Furnaces need care in order to keep them least risky. Since they utilise gas, leaking of which can be an alarming situation and can give way to unhappy accidents, it needs to be made sure that no loopholes are left when the installation is made. Spending a few hundred dollars on professional installation is much better than putting yours and your family’s life at risk. Play safe!


If you’re wondering that there are hundreds of HVAC service providers, why do you have to choose us, here’s the answer:
1. We are serving in Toronto for over a decade and have satisfied several hundred homeowners that say a lot about our services.
2. We have NATE and TSSA certified staff who knows every minute detail of Furnaces and Furnace Installation.
3. We have been rated an A+ rated business by the Better Business Bureau
4. We sell and install Furnaces at affordable rates
5. We offer FREE standard installation


We at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. offer FREE Furnace Installation (standard) if the purchase is made from us. The standard Installation refers to the Installation of Furnace on existing wiring, ducting/venting. (For any type of electrical renovations, duct/vents installations charges are applicable).
Please note that we offer Ductwork installation and Duct Cleaning services too. In case, you wish to install a new duct system before installing a new Furnace or wish to clean the duct system to improve Furnace efficiency, we are available to serve for that too.    

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Wrong installation of an appliance can result in costly repairs whether it is a heating and cooling appliance or any other home comfort appliance. It is for this reason that we always suggest customers to go for professional installation after purchasing appliances. With special reference to Boiler Products, it is important to make sure there’s a proper installation since a Boiler is responsible for both heating your home and providing you with hot water. Any problem with it can result in the improvisation of both. So once installing Boilers, consider the following:


Hire a professional

The most important tip is; hire a professional. A professional can reduce your headache by taking all your worries regarding installation. In case you’re replacing a Boiler, there are possibilities that your HVAC professional will help you figure out the flaws in your old system that need to be fixed for better performance in future. 

Choose the right placement

The placement of your Boiler will have a great effect on its efficiency as well as durability. A Boiler installed at a place that is usually damp, overheated or overly cold will have a considerable effect on its operation and may also result in some unhappy accident (as in case of reach of kids)

Size of unit and pipes

The size of unit and pipes matter a lot. Choosing a wrong size Boiler will prove to be regretful and nothing else since it will either be an oversized Boiler that will bring hefty bills or a downsized Boiler that will fail to suffice for the needs. Then the size of a boiler needs to be compared with the size of piping to circulate the hot water and the one to fill the storage tank. You see, it’s a whole lot of job and that’s what make you dependant on professionals.


In place of being worried and over cautious for the process of Installation and yet risking your Boiler never knowing what might go wrong anytime, why not take services from a pro? At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Service Inc. we are offering Boiler Installation services at affordable rates. Our services areas are spread throughout GTA in over 20 GTA areas while the Installation is performed by a highly experienced tech that is both NATE and TSSA certified. In addition to exclusive Installation services, we also make sure to spread awareness among homeowners regarding Boiler Maintenance and offer tips for the longevity of the Boiler making possible for homeowners to enjoy its supreme efficiency.

Are you looking for a reliable service provider for Boiler installation? Welcome on board!


Done with Installation? So you purchased an expensive unit of a renowned brand with the longest warranty? Great great great! But what next? Who are you calling to install your unit? Please don’t shock us by saying that now that you’re done with the purchase of an extraordinary unit, it is okay to perform a DIY installation. A great mistake indeed! This is the same mistake that several GTA homeowners make when it comes to the Installation of Water Heaters. After spending exceptionally on the purchase, they end up doing either a DIY installation or an installation from an unprofessional Jack or Ballerina.

Make sure one thing that never will the most expensive of an appliance of the most reliable brand last long enough if there’s an improper installation. It is because the loopholes that are left while installation end up damaging the unit much earlier than expected while often times result in sudden appliance breakdown. So if you don’t wish to trash your hard earned money and don’t wish to wake up to realize that there’s no hot water available for bathing when it’s super chill outside, you need to take into consideration these tips for Water Heater Installation:


  • The foremost tip we give to every customer of ours is to hire professionals for installation
  • Before letting a technician start the installation, ask him for a license.
  • While a tech is installing your unit, make the most of the opportunity and ask for the do’s and don’ts for the appliance.


At Cosmopolitan Mechanical, we have some peculiarities that make us a priority service for Toronto and GTA homeowners:

  • We have certified staff
  • We own latest tools and exceptional tactics to perform a perfect installation without making any damage to the appliance.
  • We offer long term warranty products.
  • We offer up to 25% discount on Repair and Maintenance to our existing customers.


So, why thinking? Looking for Water Heater Installation and haven’t found a reliable service yet? Connect with us and enjoy supreme services with super discounts.

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