Water Heater Service

Believe it or not: Finding the right HVAC service is no less than a blessing. While majority people think HVAC tech doesn’t require any certification and anyone with a prior experience with some heating and cooling appliances can perform the HVAC tasks, it is certainly not the case. The majority is not necessarily right always. Not only the HVAC services need to be as professional as any other service but also require an HVAC tech to be highly experienced, certified and veteran in his job. And it is certainly not easy to find certified technicians but there are some services that are offering top quality services and a professional staff along. Well, we the Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. are one such service.


So dude, how are Winters in Canada? With up to -30 temperature, it is synonymous to killing yourself to bath with cold water. Nothing is as worst a nightmare as to run out of hot water on a super chill morning in Toronto with least possibilities of an HVAC tech to reach you in time. To counter all such situations and emergencies that put homeowners both at risk and in discomfort, we offer exclusive Water Heater Services throughout Toronto with minimum response time. Our Water Heater Services include:

Water Heater Installation
Water Heater Maintenance
Water Heater Repair

In addition to these services we also offer appliance Replacement and Relocation Services at affordable rates. Our Water Heater brands include:
Bradford White


We don’t just make lame claims, we, in fact, stand true to what we say. With our 24/7 Customer Care help and support, we are available throughout the day and night to serve you anytime you need our help. Whether your Water Heater has stopped working, is leaking, has broken down or whatever. Connect with our customer care representatives and get FREE consultation and tips anytime.

Do you have a Water Heater installed at home and looking for repair/maintenance services? Or planning to purchase a new unit? Or searching someone to make an exclusive installation? Whatever the case, if it is about Water Heater, we are always here to serve:

Toll-Free: 1-855-245-4328.