Once upon a time, there were no Air Conditioners at all and people would use other ways to cool themselves up in Summers and then, thanks to the technological advancement that we got Air Conditioners. Central ACs were introduced well before the Split/Ductless Air Conditioners and since the time there were first invented, they’ve kept millions of homeowners and office workers at supreme ease by escalating the indoor comfort. Our ideas of home comfort are much different than those who’ve never known the modern Air Conditioning. 


Go to the market and you’ll realise what confusions diversity brings with itself. We love to have as many choices as possible realising not that the more the choices, the harder it is to choose between them. The same goes for HVAC appliances. Whether it is a Furnace, a Water Heater, a Boiler or the most important Summer appliance; the Air Conditioner, all the different varieties that are today available in the market add to the bewilderment of a customer as on what to choose? We highly recommend homeowners to go through customer reviews and overall product rating of an appliance before buying it. In addition, it is highly recommended to consult an HVAC professional when buying an HVAC appliance particularly if that is something you’re heavily investing in. Remember that every home is different and so is the heating/cooling needs of it. A particular system might work best at your neighbor’s home but not at yours, so, purchase after proper research and reliable consultation.



At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc, we are proud to carry all the top selling brands of Canada. With special reference to Central Air Conditioners, we carry Lennox, Carrier (Willis Carrier, the founder of Carrier company founded the base for modern Air Conditioning), Rheem, Amana and York (that has been titled the most energy efficient brand of 2013,2014, 2016 and also titles as the ”Best Buy”). Our Central Air Conditioners are affordable but at the same time durable and reliable. In addition to the sales services, we also offer Air Conditioner Installation services for the entire Toronto and for several other GTA areas. 

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We offer professional Central Air Conditioners Services to the homeowners of Toronto and other GTA areas. our professional service include; innovative high efficiency central air conditioner products and services. Central Air Conditioner are capable of providing cooling comfort in large spaces, if you are looking for a air conditioner that can keep your entire home to the desire cooling comfort temperature you can count on our innovative range of affordable and durable air conditioner range. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) plays an important part while choosing the best central air conditioner for your home. SEER help you to determine that how much energy is consumed by a air conditioner to keep the home cool at the desire temperature set by the home owners. The best air conditioning equipment must operate so quietly that not even hear on. More energy savings. The new models of air conditioners have many energy saving features convenient and in particular: thermal expansion valve, one air handler variable speed fan switch only (so you can use it for night ventilation to substantially reduce air conditioning costs) a filter check light to remind you to check the filter periodically, automatic fan switch delay to turn the fan a few minutes after the compressor shuts off. systems air conditioning can provide a high level of comfort and energy efficiency, if you take the time to research what is right for your living space.