Finding quality service is difficult but finding quality and certified HVAC services is indeed very difficult. The dilemma is that HVAC service is usually not deemed a professional’s job. Every Jack and Ballerina starts to offer services like a pro and this adds to the bewilderment of homeowners as which service to choose. While many homeowners only see the service charges, we recommend that this should not be done if one wishes to have a proper service done. Service charges are not everything, it is the experience, the certification and the reliability of the technician that matters the most.  


With over 15 years of services in the field of HVAC, we are satisfying homeowners every day in terms of their home comfort heating and cooling needs. While Canada does not have intense hot Summers like many other parts of the world, its Summers are yet unbearable for its inhabitants since they’re not prone to hot weather much. So as the Summers begin, the rush at HVAC stores begins to increase and the HVAC technicians become busier than before. 
From Air Conditioner sales to Air Conditioner Installation, from Air Conditioner Maintenance to Air Conditioner Repair, we do all that homeowners need. In addition to the Sales, Installation, Maintenance and Repair services, we also offer Air Conditioner Replacement and Air Conditioner Relocation services.



O yes, we do what you cannot do. We choose for you the best products of the best selling brands, we install your units with all professional tools, we maintain your units well, we repair them as soon as the need arises and we place them with a quality unit when you’re done with your old one. And be somewhere more than 100% sure that all our services are professional, reliable and most importantly, affordable. 
We do understand that different people have different budgets, it is, therefore, important to offer a range of packages that people from all different budgets could afford. In our Protection Plan, we have made three different categories namely the Silver, the Gold and the Platinum package for $13, $24 and $34 per month respectively. Subscribe to one of the packages and enjoy ultimate Air Conditioner services with up to 25% discount on repair and maintenance, up to $800 savings on repair and labour and free of cost safety and operation check. 
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We Rule the Cool                                                                                                         

Summer is generally a welcome change of pace in GTA after the long cold winter season. While, “too much of a good thing” is germane to summer heat too. So you require a dependable air conditioner unit in your GTA home. Once weather start getting warm, you will need cooling system that you can fully count on to keep your indoor cool enough & comfortable whole day & night. Your cooling system operation directly concerns with the way it will be installed, an excellent installation according to the building codes makes sure it’s a valuable impact. Cosmopolitan Mechanical is here to deal with your installation properly. Besides that, there is no air conditioner that can work for endless years. Once you decides to go for your central air conditioning Installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance services with us, you shouldn’t have doubt about it that job will be done expertly with complete professionalism.

In case you are pondering whether or not to replace the air conditioner in your GTA home, call us up at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc.! 905-822-9375 we’re always happy to help our GTA and surrounding neighbors.