What a marvellous invention these Air Filtration systems are! They help us breathe cleaner air in the indoors even when the outdoor is teamed with all types of allergens, pollutants and bacteria’s. They fight the contaminants and trap them so that we don’t get harmed by them. Without us even realising, they’re doing a lot for us. Do we ever think to do something for them? And well what can we? There’s a lot that we can! Listen carefully:

There are two things appliances want you to consider for them, 1. In time maintenance, 2. In time repair

Just like an in time regular maintenance is important to keep an appliance running with optimal performance, and in time repair is also crucial to let the appliance come back to normal as soon as possible. There are many homeowners that delay repairs in the hope of saving repair cost realising not that delaying a repair only increases the severity of the problem. In other cases, homeowners don’t realise that their unit needs a repair. For the type 1 homeowners, we’d say, don’t take your appliance repair easy else it will cost you double later. And for type 2 homeowners, we’re mentioning here some ways with which a repair need can be suspected.



Read out the below mentioned signs carefully. When you suspect them, rush to call a professional since they represent your unit is calling out for help:

1. When your unit starts making unusual sounds. Remember that Air Cleaners do make sounds when they operate but they are totally different from the unusual sounds that come when the unit has a problem.
2. When your unit turns off automatically, it shows that either something has stuck in the filter or the unit is having a power problem. Repair anyway.
3. When the Air Cleaner does not do proper cleaning like it usually did.

All the above mentioned issues are what most homeowners face but not even half of them take them seriously. Only a quick DIY is performed to fix the issue temporarily. We’ve already told where a unit ends with this type of maintenance and repair care.



Today or tomorrow, you’ll have to call a professional either for a repair or for a replacement of your Air Cleaner. We encourage you to take our services and there are reasons to that:
We offer affordable and reliable services with certified tech along with us
We explain why the unit needed repair on the first place
We help homeowners learn how to keep better care of their appliances
We fix the problem without leaving any loopholes

Did you check your Air Cleaner for any repair needs? If not, do it now! If any repair need is suspected, don’t hesitate to call us: