Wrong installation of an appliance can result in costly repairs whether it is a heating and cooling appliance or any other home comfort appliance. It is for this reason that we always suggest customers to go for professional installation after purchasing appliances. With special reference to Boiler Products, it is important to make sure there’s a proper installation since a Boiler is responsible for both heating your home and providing you with hot water. Any problem with it can result in the improvisation of both. So once installing Boilers, consider the following:


Hire a professional 

The most important tip is; hire a professional. A professional can reduce your headache by taking all your worries regarding installation. In case you’re replacing a Boiler, there are possibilities that your HVAC professional will help you figure out the flaws in your old system that need to be fixed for better performance in future. 

Choose the right placement 

The placement of your Boiler will have a great effect on its efficiency as well as durability. A Boiler installed at a place that is usually damp, overheated or overly cold will have a considerable effect on its operation and may also result in some unhappy accident (as in case of reach of kids)

Size of unit and pipes  

The size of unit and pipes matter a lot. Choosing a wrong size Boiler will prove to be regretful and nothing else since it will either be an oversized Boiler that will bring hefty bills or a downsized Boiler that will fail to suffice for the needs. Then the size of a boiler needs to be compared with the size of piping to circulate the hot water and the one to fill the storage tank. You see, it’s a whole lot of job and that’s what make you dependant on professionals.



In place of being worried and over cautious for the process of Installation and yet risking your Boiler never knowing what might go wrong anytime, why not take services from a pro? At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Service Inc. we are offering Boiler Installation services at affordable rates. Our services areas are spread throughout GTA in over 20 GTA areas while the Installation is performed by a highly experienced tech that is both NATE and TSSA certified. In addition to exclusive Installation services, we also make sure to spread awareness among homeowners regarding Boiler Maintenance and offer tips for the longevity of the Boiler making possible for homeowners to enjoy its supreme efficiency.

Are you looking for a reliable service provider for Boiler installation? Welcome on board!