If your Boiler couldn’t complete its expected lifetime, there are possibilities that it had happened due to lack of maintenance. Any appliance if not given proper maintenance fails to complete its lifetime and same is, therefore, true for Boilers. To make sure you had given an enough maintenance check to your old Boiler let’s ask some questions: 

Did you take professional Boiler Installation services?
Did you give your Boiler an annual maintenance check from a professional? 
Did you fix your small Boiler bugs/issues in time? 
Did you use a Thermostat
Did you clean your Boiler regularly? (to remove sediments and possible formation of rust)

If your answer to most of the above-mentioned questions was a ”NO”, then sorry to say, you haven’t been taking a good care of your Boiler which means lack of maintenance and this might be the reason of its failure. Now that the old Boiler is gone and you’ve purchased a new one, how about learning some Boiler maintenance tips? 


1. Get your Boiler an annual tune-up from a professional 
2. If you find water dripping from overflow pipe (this is located outside of your home), haste to call a professional 
3. Do not make your Boiler space a mini store room to throw everything over and around it. Boilers need proper ventilation so keep the space clear around them
4. Check the colour of your Boiler flame. In case it is something other than blue, it means a problem has started with the Boiler. Call a professional to resolve it
5. Check pressure valves to make sure it is nowhere above or below the recommended pressure



At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc, we make sure to nip the evil in the bud. Well, in the case of HVAC issues, the adage should go like ”nip the HVAC issue in the bud”. For that, we offer a preventive maintenance program. Our preventive maintenance program is an annual maintenance program that allows you to have a complete maintenance check of your Boiler from our professional technicians in order to fix any existing issues or potential repair risks in time. Among our three different plans of our Protection Plan, we offer up to $800 discount on maintenance and repair. Also, a 25% discount on any part replacement. The preventive maintenance annual program is for our existing members, however, we can also be reached for a random maintenance check in case you are not our existing member. 

Remember, the best compensation you can give to your home comfort heating/cooling appliances for the comfort they give you is by giving them proper maintenance. Follow professional ways of Boiler Maintenance or hire a professional to do it for you but ….. maintenance anyway. It’s important for the efficiency as well as the lifetime of your appliance.





•    Inspection of venting system.
•    Joints and pipe connections Inspection.
•    Air intakes and ventilation systems checkup.
•    Checking of control settings.
•    Operating controls testing.
•    Safety controls testing.
•    Thorough inspection of heating structure find any issues.
•    Boiler heat exchanger inspection & cleaning.
•    Inspection of boiler wirings & connections.
•    Checking of water PH levels.
•    Condensate system inspection & Cleaning.
•    Burner assembly Inspection & Cleaning.
•    Power flush system for optimum performance.
•    Boiler operational Inspection after cleaned and servicing.