How many times does it happen that the purchase of home comfort heating and cooling products take long hours from your precious time just because you’re too confused to choose what to choose? The stores are becoming more and more a place of bewilderment since a new brand is launched every now and then and the variety is increasing with every passing year. On the other hand, every homeowner wishes to have a Boiler that could last as long as possible and give as efficient a performance as possible. This wish can come true only when a careful purchase is made and guess what, a careful purchase cannot be made by stepping into a heating and cooling appliance store without prior research. 


Just like we ask homeowners to not blindly follow anyone’s suggestions when making the purchase of other home comfort appliances, we suggest the same for residential Boilers. Since the need of every home is different there are possibilities that what worked as a perfect product for your neighbour may prove unsuitable for you. A wise strategy is to make an extensive search (what is the use of internet if that doesn’t help you save and purchase the right thing?) on the internet and check out authentic product review websites. It will give you an insight on which brand to choose on the first hand. Go a little further and look for the suitable size while also consider giving a quick check to product’s main features. It is better to reach a store for purchase with a clear mind on what is suitable for your home. Consulting an unbiased dealer/HVAC professional is, of course, a good practice to make sure you’re choosing something worthy to choose.


We at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. have an extensive range of brands that manufacture residential boilers. Among Canada’s top boiler manufacturers is Noritz (pioneer of Electric Water Heaters) and Viessmann and we are proud to carry both these brands. In addition to these two, we have LennoxSlant/Fin and Weil Mclain. We sell and install both gas and oil Boilers while the brands we carry are energy efficient, reliable, durable as well as affordable.


Check out our Boiler brands below: