After purchasing a product that is both of high quality and high prices, the wisest decision a homeowner can make is of proper installation. It is crucial to leave no loopholes while making the Installation since a faulty and improper Installation not only affects system’s efficiency but also become the reason of serious damages. We highly recommend a professional installation. At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we even offer FREE standard installation (conditions apply) to make the process easy for homeowners. Bu if one is insistent to perform a DIY installation, it is suggested to read the user manuals carefully, watch installation tutorial and then begin. Consider these tips while making the installation.


Choose proper location for your indoor as well as outdoor unit. For outdoor unit, choose a shady place while for the indoor unit, mount the unit at a reachable height without disrupting home decor around it.

Although the Installation of Ductless is easy compared with the Duct Air Conditioners, there are yet some technicalities involved. When making the electrical connections, carefully read the manual as to not connect the wrong wirings else the unit will have to be repaired before even starting to operate.

It is great that you’ve got all the different tools in your box but when it comes to installation, make it using the relevant equipment only. The user guides give a detailed information on the installation and the installation equipment to be used. Since you chose DIY over a professional installation, at least follow the guide now.

Be safe! Shut off all power supplies and keep the working area totally dry. Also, do not let any water build up around the indoor or outdoor unit.

We told you why a Professional Installation is always a good choice but then we also told you some cautions to consider while doing a DIY installation. Now before you finalise self Installation, know that non professional installation voids product’s warranty. So if you’re doing a DIY Installation, know that it will be on the cost of losing the warranty which is surely what you do not want.



Here’s a wise to choose alternative. Our exclusively professional services that include Air Conditioner Installation both standard and customized installation. Within affordable rates, with latest tools and tactics and most importantly, reliable! Who offers that all in one?
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