Without proper maintenance, no appliance can last long be it a heating and cooling appliance, any other home comfort appliance or anything else. Maintenance is important in all situations. No laziness when it comes to maintenance. So here you go, follow these maintenance tips:


When it comes to Ductless Air Conditioners, maintenance is not difficult. All you have to do to keep your unit maintained enough to function with optimal efficiency is cleaning and a tune-up.

Outdoor Unit
Overtime, dust, debris and bacteria accumulate over the outdoor condenser, hindering condensation and the AC efficiency on the whole. To fix that, use a garden hose and clean the outdoor unit carefully without throwing pressurized water on the fins. If grass or leaves have grown around the unit, cut them to allow sufficient space for the unit. It also needs to breathe man!

Indoor Unit
Your mini split indoor unit won’t demand anything extra from you. All it needs is that you replace the filters, clean them, dry them and place them back. The filters are responsible to trap the dust and debris and allow cleaner air to circulate in the room. Dusty and clogged filters trap the air and thus fail to allow smooth flow of air hindering the AC’s efficiency. But be cautious! When replacing the filters, keep a soft hand. Some filters are made up of delicate plastic lining that can easily break if not handled with care.

Electrical Connections
When you’re performing a maintenance check, do not forget to check the wiring. If any wire damages or broken connections are found, fix them right away or call a professional to do that.

Check Controls
Although Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners come with a wireless remote control to adjust the temperature of your requirement in every room, it is an interesting fact that most homeowners never make the proper use of this remote control. All they use the remote control for is turning the AC ON/OFF and changing the temperature, knowing not that there are other options available too that can help save on energy bills. While you’re on a maintenance check of your Ductless, do not forget the remote control that is the control board of the system. Check the settings carefully and set them properly. If you’re still unaware of the use, consult the manual or watch some helpful tutorials.


Who wants to spend heavily on Repairs? No one! In order to maximize the unit’s efficiency, regular maintenance is a must. In addition to the DIY maintenance, we highly recommend an annual professional tune-up. Check out our Protection Plan to enjoy exclusive maintenance and repair services:
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