In order to make the most of your Furnace or any other appliance, it is important to maintain it well. There are two types of maintenance. One that includes the proper use of the appliance, the other that includes its cleaning, parts inspection/replacement/lubrication and checking for potential repair needs to fix them before time. While the first type of maintenance necessarily has to be performed by the homeowners themselves, the second one is highly recommended to be performed by professionals at least once a year. A regular maintenance of appliances not only keeps them running in supreme condition but also adds to their lifetime.


Repairs are costlier than Maintenance. It is almost always true. In order to save homeowners from costly repairs, we are offering annual preventive Furnace Maintenance program in order for your home to be super warm throughout Winters without showing any repair needs. This annual maintenance program is available for our Protection Plan members with savings up to $800 and a 25% discount on parts replacement.



Here are some benefits of choosing our Furnace preventive maintenance program:
*  There’s up to 25% discount on any parts that are found to be needing replacement.
*  Preventive maintenance protects Furnace warranty
*  It reduces major repair risks
*  Keeps Furnace functioning with supreme efficiency
*  Maintenance increases the lifetime of Furnace



Here’s what we do when performing a maintenance check of your Furnace:
1. Changing of Furnace Filters
2. Cleaning of blower assembly
3. Cleaning of burner
4. Safety control check-up
5. Checking of electrical connections
6. Thermostat Inspection
7. Lubrication of parts
8. Heat exchanger inspection
9. Checking of intake and exhaust vents
10. Measurement of temperature difference in ductwork
11. Checking ductwork leaks
12. Inspection of motor
13. All system checkup and a test run

Such a complete maintenance ensures least possibilities of Furnace breakdowns and major Furnace Repair issues, also providing supreme efficiency and a longevity. If you’re tired of Furnace issues and regular repairs, what you need is a professional Furnace Maintenance. Call us in order to subscribe to one of our Protection Plan or take a Maintenance Service as a non-existing member. We are all yours!

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Equipment Maintenance Include Following Key Points:

•    Cleaning & Adjustment of burner assembly;
•    Testing & Adjustment of flue draft;
•    Starter and safety controls checkup;
•    Adjustment & Cleaning of pulley and belts;
•    Electrical connections Adjustment;
•    Volts/amps measurement on motors;
•    Thermostat Checking;
•    Lubrication of moving parts;
•    Temperature difference Measurement in duct work;
•    Inspection of heat exchange;
•    Air intake and exhaust vent checking;
•    Efficiency checkups, as applicable;