When it comes to the purchase of home comfort heating and cooling appliances, homeowners often find themselves bewildered regarding what to choose and what not. And one can certainly not make a hefty investment without a careful planning. Being HVAC professionals, we suggest homeowners to make a proper research about a product before purchasing it and same goes for residential Furnaces that are not only the most used and most comforting appliance in Winters but also the one seeking a huge investment. A careful purchase! 
If you’re looking to purchase a Furnace for your home, here are some quick tips to consider:


* Size matters. Before purchasing, ask an HVAC professional what size Furnace will be the best suitable for you. 
* Brand is not just a name, it also reflects quality. Look for the most selling brands and check out their customer reviews before making a purchase. 
* Furnaces with quieter operations are more comforting. Spend a few hundred dollars more to purchase a quiet operation Furnace particularly if you’re irritated with Furnace sounds. 
* Look for high-efficiency models that are energy efficient in return help in saving on energy cost
* Check the AFUE value. The higher the AFUE the lesser the fuel usage. 
* Most importantly, consult once an HVAC professional before making done your purchase. Choosing a wrong model will only bring you regrets.


To make the effort easier, here’s a range of some best selling brands that we offer. In addition, you are always welcome to get a free HVAC consultation regarding product purchase. 
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Lennox Furnaces: Lennox has set up a legacy of its own. Currently serving thousands of Canadian homes with warm indoor air, Lennox has been the preference of many throughout. It’s quality and durability is the main factor that compels us to suggest Lennox to our customers.
Amana Furnaces: Amana with its ever versatile Furnace series has made a ground to become the best selling brand. We carry Amana Furnaces that offer up to 98% AFUE which means super efficiency in energy saving while providing ultimate comfort. 

York Furnaces: Among our products comes York which has been ranked the most energy-efficient brand of 2013-2014 and 2016. In addition to that, it has also been titled the best buy brand which says a lot about its reliability, durability and customer appreciation.

In addition to our major Furnace Brands, Lennox, Amana and York we also carry Amana Distinction series, Carrier and Rheem Furnaces. Check out the detailed listing below:



There are many gas furnaces brands. However, Cosmopolitan carries the following. Lennox, Amana, Goodman, Rheem, and Carrier.
If you are looking for a new furnace installation and Furnace maintenance or repair, you can call Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services 24 hours a day seven days a week to arrange an appointment with home comfort advisor.
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