Gas Fireplace

No matter what advancements do we make in terms of Science and Technology, the charm of real and natural things remains the same. With respect to the heating elements, think of the earliest ways of heating that humans must have used? A Fireplace! Ah, yes, a Fireplace. Now that we have Furnace, Boilers and Heaters to give us warmth in Winters, the charm of the Fireplace hasn’t yet gone completely. There are still many homes in Canada that love the crackling sounds coming out of their Fireplace and love to feel as naturally heated as possible. And then there are two categories even among those Fireplace lovers. Ones that prefer coal and wood as a fuel and others that choose gas over conventional ways; wood and coal. We, at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc., serve both these Fireplace lovers. Here what we do.

Gas Fireplace Installation

No matter you’re going to use gas as a fuel or coal/wood to burn, you’ll necessarily need a Fireplace properly installed. We offer Fireplace Installation services that include, making a complete installation of the Fireplace frame, securing it from possible damages, setting up gas connection and finally checking the system making sure it’s working fine.

Gas Fireplace Maintenance And Repair

There are dozens of homes throughout Toronto that neglect the importance of Fireplace Maintenance and this is the reason why every year, a number of indoor injuries that are reported are because of unmaintained Fireplaces. Either they’re installed incorrectly, not checked for gas leaks, gas valves not turned off, Gas Fireplace not baby proofed etc. To cope with all such incidents, we have Gas Fireplace Maintenance and Repair services. We inspect Fireplaces for possible repairs and potential threats and mend the loopholes before they harm you. Our annual Gas Fireplace Maintenance include;

 Burner and Pilot Cleaning
 Fireplace Glass Cleaning with special Cleaners
 Inspection of exterior
 Inspection of interior
 Inspection of Fan Operation
 Inspection of ignition, combustion and ventilation
 Inspection of chimneys, vents and exhaust passages

Gas Pipeline Installation

In addition to the Gas Fireplace Services, we also offer Gas Pipeline Installation for Gas Fireplace or other domestic uses; Kitchen, Yard etc. We install Gas Pipelines and also repair faulty Pipelines. Cosmopolitan Mechanical can also be reached for replacing old Pipelines with newer ones. For more details, questions and consultation.

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