Heat pump works like conventional air compressor systems with indoor & outdoor units. Heat pumps function like refrigerators. They absorb heat by running liquid through the unit and then releases warm air your home. They heat the house in fall and cool the house in summer. Installing a new heat pump can seriously reduce the amount you pay for your home heating & cooling. Reason why is that, because heat pump take place of both your furnace & air conditioner unit. You may find it more costly to install it as compared to a traditional heating & cooling systems, but ultimately it will bring remarkable savings on your energy bill.

The size of your house is the main factor to determine the size of your heat pump system. Which will be calculated on base of your home space square feet. Certainly heat pump will be installed of small size if you have a small home, but if you have a big house then to deal that space you will have to install a bigger size heat pump. Installing a small pump for a big house just to cut the expense cannot be recommended, because that saving will be nullify because of inefficiency of small size heat pump & higher operating costs to generate the same amount of energy.

Cosmopolitan Mechanical will help you determine the capacity of your heat pump, but first we must be aware of your indoor comfort objectives. In GTA Ontario, a heat pump capacity is determined solely by its air conditioning capacity. Maintaining the indoor temperature of 75 degrees while outdoor temperature is 100 degree is the industry standard to calculate the size of your heat pump. Although this varies home-to-home regarding each home’s particular preferences. Heat pumps are available of 1.5 to 5 ton with the capability of removing 18,000 BTUs per hour to 60,000 BTUs per hour respectively.