Your Humidifier can last for more than the expected years if a good maintenance is kept. A regular cleaning comes under Humidifier Maintenance and is the most crucial for the long life of the Humidifier. Although a Professional Maintenance visit is a good choice to go with and this is what we recommend to homeowners, there are things you can do yourself to perform a maintenance check of your Humidifier. 


The following to do’s should be considered while performing an annual maintenance:
● Changing of Humidifier Water Panel 
● Changing of Evaporator Pad
● Changing of Filters 
● Inspection of the Drain Line 
● Inspecting the level of the unit. Unlevelled system can affect the efficiency of the Humidifier since the pad fails to get soaked evenly
Also, make sure to run a test run after every maintenance check that you perform. Sometimes, some loopholes are left mistakenly during the device inspection that later leads to problems in performance. 


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