Before you rush to call a professional to repair your Humidifier, here are some quick ways you can use to figure out and fix your Humidifier problems.


When the Unit doesn’t work

So has the unit completely stopped and doesn’t seem to work? Don’t be exhausted! Try these tips:Check the water level. Due to low water level, Humidifiers often stop functioning. If the level is low, you know already what to do; Refill! If it still doesn’t start, check the power button, your naughtiest kid could have turned it off. If both things seem okay, go for the third check; i.e Check Humidistat. If it has gone dead, repair or replace it to have your Humidifier back at the job.
When the Humidifier doesn’t humidify enough
The Humidifier could be operating but not giving sufficient humidity. In order to fix this, check the evaporation pad.If it is dirty, clean it or replace it if it is a replaceable pad. Also, check the Humidistat to make sure it is operating properly. 

When the Humidifier makes noise

Humidifiers do make noise when they operate but that is usually unheard or at least non-irritating. If your unit makes loud noises, it is time to check the fan motor. Clean it if it is dirty or replace it if the fins are twisted or rusted. 

When the Humidifier is odorous

When the unit gives bad odours, check two things. Firstly, check the evaporation pad and clean it if found dirty. Secondly, check the water reservoir and refill it with fresh water if the smell is coming from the reservoir.



Ooops! Tried all and nothing seems to work? No problem! Although not all Humidifier repairs are serious repairs there are some that the professionals can fix. The above mentioned DIY repair tips were for you to try for the little repairs. But if the issue persists even after trying all the possible DIY solutions, it is sane to call a professional for help.

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