Never used Humidifier at home? Ah! What a pleasure you missed. Did you know that a normal humidity level in the environment should be between 40%-50%? And although there’s not much that can be done in order to change the outdoor humidity level, there’s a lot that can be done to create a humidity level of your own choice within the four walls of your home sweet home. When it’s above required, you can use a Dehumidifier, when it is below required, you can use a Humidifier and within no time, a heaven of your own choice is created. Thank God for the pleasure of technology that we’re able to enjoy!


This is a commonly asked question from people who have never installed Humidifiers at home or have been using small-scale Portable Humidifiers. Well, just because they’ve never enjoyed the indoor comfort that the Humidifiers provide, they can’t distinguish what difference does a Humidifier really make. And those that prefer Portable Humidifiers and wonder why do they need a whole home Humidifier, the answer is; You need to breathe in in the entire home not only when you’re in your bedroom. The air of whole home needs to be moistened in order to provide even humidity across the home. In addition, there are other benefits that the whole home Humidifiers give and the portable ones can’t. Did you know that the whole home high-efficiency Humidifiers not only help create a comfortable and non-irritating environment for you; they also help protect your interiors, your wallpapers, your wooden furniture and other artefacts from cracking due to dryness? Portable Humidifiers do not have the tendency to do that at least for the whole home. You see, there are pretty good reasons to try out whole home Humidifiers.



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