Red Tag Furnace

There are different ways that homeowners across Canada use in order to keep themselves warm in the intense cold Winters of Canada. While some choose Electric Heaters others prefer Gas Fireplace or Boilers. And there’s yet another category (which is the largest in number) that chooses Residential Furnaces . Furnace is one of the most used heating appliances in Canada, particularly in the GTA. The primary reason of the likeness is probably that it’s long lasting, provides efficient whole home heating and affordable in terms of monthly utility bills. But remember, everything comes with its own pros and cons and home comfort appliances like Furnace if not taken care of can actually turn into great discomfort not only for yourself but also for those living close to you. Here’s one such dangerous scenario; Red Tag Furnace.

What Is A Red Tag Furnace?

Your Furnace might have been tagged red and you still aren’t sure what does a Red Tag Furnace mean? Red Tags are basically warning tags that are issued on appliances that are observed to have gas pipeline leakage or a fault in their very mechanism that can pose a danger to the homeowners. For example; a Furnace having leaks in the gas supply line can be tagged red. Similarly, a Furnace having a problematic heat exchanger can be tagged red since it produces carbon monoxide and a crack in the heat exchanger can mix that CO with other gases that the Furnace produces and are delivered to your home. A big danger!

Please note that Red Tag Furnace doesn’t mean your appliance need a replacement. Red Tags can easily be fixed depending on the type of tag issues.

Red Tag - Type A

Type A Tags indicate that immediate action needs to be taken since this is issued when a serious CO leak is suspected. In this case, a licensed technician turns off the gas supply until the leak is fixed

Red Tag - Type B

Although Type B isn’t as serious as Type A, it should still not be taken non-seriously and no delay should be made in fixing the issue. Type B indicates a possible threat and requires the loopholes to be fixed in a stipulated time. If the issues are not fixed and the demanded repairs/replacements are not made, the gas supply is then cut-off.

Received a Red Tag? Do this! There’s nothing to panic if you’ve received a Red Tag, however, prompt action needs to be taken right away. In order to remove the tag and have your gas supply resumed, call a licensed HVAC technician as early as possible and have him inspect and repair the unit. Once the issues are removed the Gas supply will be resumed right after the supply company is notified. If you’re struggling with a RedTag Furnace right in the middle of the Winter, call us for help. We’re a licensed tech and expert at removing RagTags of all types.

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