Smart people use smart ways to keep up their home appliances. The more the maintenance is kept, the better the appliance performs. In addition, appliance maintenance does not only adds to the efficiency of the appliance but also increases its lifetime. When it comes to the Thermostat, be even more cautious since the Thermostat is responsible for keeping up your whole HVAC system. Any problem with the Thermostat can result in causing issues to the entire HVAC system. Here we mention some ways for Thermostat Maintenance:


Test your Thermostat every fall

The only way you can benefit from your Thermostat is when it does its job properly and to do that, it should be able to sense the temperature accurately. Test your Thermostat at the beginning of every season by placing a Thermometer along it. Let the Thermometer settle in 15-20 minutes. Compare the temperature of Thermostat and the Thermometer. If the difference is more than 5 degrees, consider resetting the Thermostat.
Clean your Thermostat
Just like all the other appliances and devices get accumulated with dust and debris, Thermostats go through the same. Whether you’re using a mercury Thermostat, a Smart Thermostat or a manual Thermostat, clean it properly in order to not leave any dust, debris or other pollutants over or around it that may hinder its proper efficiency.
Check level and placement
In the case of Mercury Thermostats, check the Thermostat level. Thermostats that are not levelled fail to operate properly. In addition, keep checking that the placement of the Thermostat is correct and no heat source is located/placed near it i.e Electronics, Bulbs etc.


Not everyone has the time and the skills to do the regular maintenance tasks related to HVAC. Busy people, in particular, are always seeking someone to assist them in fixing the HVAC issues and doing the HVAC maintenance. We at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc offer complete Thermostat Services with Thermostat Installation, Repair, Replacement as well as Maintenance. Now it’s easy to call out for help a professional technician to solve all HVAC related problems and of course the Thermostat problems too.
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