If you’re living in Canada, it is unbelievable that you’re using your home comfort heating and cooling appliances without a Thermostat. Thermostats are simple devices that help tune the heating and cooling appliances and bars their excessive use. This not only helps save hundred of dollars on energy bills annually but also help increase the lifetime of an appliance. Imagine an Air Conditioner or Furnace that continue to run non-stop. What kind of effects does it put on the system? Horrendous! The whole system gets overloaded when it is not provided with rest. Thermostats make the rest time possible for them even if you forget to do so.

Earlier, Mercury Thermostats were used but as the technology grew better, Smart Thermostats have now taken the ground. The market is full of Thermostat Products with versatile features. Here we discuss some common types of Thermostats:


1-week Programmable Thermostat
This type of Thermostats allow one programming option for one whole week

5-2 Programmable Thermostat
5-2 Thermostats allow homeowners to set one schedule for 5 days (working days) of the week while allow setting one different schedule for the weekends

5-1-1 Programmable Thermostat
This Thermostat helps set 2 different schedules for the weekends: Saturday-Sunday, while one schedule for the rest of the week

7-day Programmable Thermostat
The 7-day programmable Thermostat which is the most versatile thermostat offers 7 different programming options for 7 different days of the week


The better programming feature a Thermostat provides, the easier it is to “set it and forget it” while keep on saving in that forgetfulness. At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we carry Thermostats of all the top notch brands that include Lennox, Amana, Carrier, Honeywell, White Rodgers and York. We carry both programmable and non-programmable Thermostats. 
So, are you tired of high energy bills? Do you wish to save without making any compromise on the home comfort? Here’s the solution; Install a quality Programmable Thermostat today and follow ”set it & forget it”. The US department of energy suggests that by using the Smart Thermostats, up to 15% can be saved on heating and cooling bills. Start saving!

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