Purchasing a Thermostat is not enough. Until and unless a Thermostat device is programmed the right way, it fails to give the expected benefits. According to a study, more than 90% of Americans when they were asked how do they schedule their Thermostats responded, they do not know how to program it. When a Thermostat is bought, it is set on an auto setting. That setting has been made keeping a typical family in mind but who knows what a typical family’s schedule is? What most homeowners do it; install the Thermostat and expect a reduction in energy bills without ever programming the Thermostat according to their own schedules. The right way instead is; when installing a Thermostat, ask the technician installing it for you to explain to you the use. Or in case you’re doing a DIY installation, man why is the internet for? Go do some YouTubing. A tutorial of the product that you’re using must be there, watch it and set the Thermostat accordingly.


It might be shocking for you to know but a Thermostat can put you in a lot of trouble and make you spend hundreds of dollars in repairs. Guess how? There are instances when homeowners spent massively in their HVAC system and ended up realising that there was nothing wrong with the system, it was the Thermostat seeking repair. While the installation of a thermostat could be easy, the maintenance and repair need professional help. In order to ease this problem for Toronto homeowners, we are offering complete Thermostat services. Our services include:

Thermostat Installation Services
Thermostat Preventive Maintenance Services
Thermostat Repair and Replacement Services

We carry the top notch Thermostat products that include:Wireless Thermostats Programmable Thermostats Digital Thermostats Smart Thermostats.



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